James Binsfeld

James Binsfeld – Racer

Birth Date: November 24, 1989 Height: 5’7”
Hometown:  King City, ON Weight:  140 lbs
Ski Club:  many hills of Collingwood Skis:  Volkl
Joined AOPRT:  2005 Poles:  none
Helmet:  Uvex
Classification : LW9/1 Goggles:  Uvex


Q & A’s

Nickname:   don’t really have one

Goals:  To ski as fast as I can !

Best Moment in Skiing: Winning GS at Canada Games !

Worst Moment in Skiing: getting cut by ACA

Person You Look Up To Most  in Sport: Dave Hackett

On Your IPOD:  Plenty

Favourite Movie:  Top Gun


My Story

My name is James Binsfeld I was born November 29, 1984. I have been skiing since I was nine years old and began racing  competitively when I was 18.  I compete in the standup division and  have been provincial champion in the stand up division since 2005, and have gone to the podium at Nationals and NorAms.  Going to Canada Games was a great experience, winning Gold in GS made it even better.

When I am not skiing I work at the local fire department as a public education officer for the Township of King. I sit on the Accessibility Committee for the Township. I enjoy teaching kids with disabilities to ski fast.

I like  playing hockey going to various sporting events.


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