Daniel Tench

Daniel Tench

Birth Date:  July 11, 1994 Height: 5’ 7
Hometown:  Toronto, ON Weight:  130 lbs
Ski Club:  many hills of Collingwood Skis:  Volkl
Joined AOPRT:  2010 Poles:  Volkl
  Helmet: Uvex
Classification : W9-2 Goggles:  Uvex


Q & A’s

Nickname:   Dan

Goals:  to be competitive

Best Moment in Skiing: first time skiing gates

Worst Moment in Skiing:  there are no bad moments

Person You Look Up To Most  in Sport:  Bode Miller

On Your IPOD:  AC/DC, MGMT, Artic monkeys, the Beatles,Coldplay , Kiss,Oasis,  Queen

Favourite Movie:  Ted


My Story

Coming Soon…



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