Alexandra Marta

Birth date: October 5, 1995
Hometown: Ottawa, Ontario
Ski Club: AOPRT
Home Club: Fortune
Joined AOPRT: 2014
Classification: LW91
Height: 5’6”
Weight: 130
Skies: Fisher
Boots: Fisher
Helmet: POC
Goggles: POC

Q & A’s

Nickname: Alex
Goals: Be an athlete on the Canadian Para- Alpine National Team, as well as compete at the 2018 Paralympic Games in Korea.
Best Moment in Skiing: Winning Bronze in GS at my first competition at the Ontario Winter Games this past winter!
Worst Moment in Skiing: The snow was built up around the gates and one ski went out of the built up part of the snow and I got pulled almost into the trees
Person you look up to the most in sport:  Chris Holden my first coach
On your IPOD:  pretty much a little bit of everything
Favorite Movie: Something Borrowed

My Story

I have Cerebral Palsy right hemiplegia; I started skiing when I was six years old with the Canadian association for disabled skiers at Edelweiss. In 2011 joined a black diamond program for athletes who wanted to become better skiers or for those who wanted to start racing. At the beginning I had no interest to race I just wanted to become a better skier. By the end of that year something had clicked I knew I wanted to race. 2012 was my “ coming out year” and everything started to fall into place with my skiing technique.  That year I got invited to meet and ski with the national team for a week. That moment is when I really realized that I have potential in the sport. Ever since then I give 110% when I am on the hill and always looking for ways to improve my skiing. This past winter I placed third in GS at the Ontario Winter Games and 4th in GS at Nationals. Skiing has been a huge part of my life and has had a play of shaping the person I am. I can imagine my life without it and I cant wait to see how far it will take me.

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