Alexandra Creighton

Alexandra Creighton

Birth Date: January 27, 1989 Height: 5’
Hometown:  Toronto Weight:  100lbs
Ski Club:  many hills of Collingwood Skis:  Rossignol
Joined AOPRT:  2005 Poles:  Out riggers
Helmet:  POC
Classification : LW1 Goggles:  Scott


Q & A’s

Nickname:   Rusty

Goals:  To become a faster, more confident skier.

Best Moment in Skiing: Winning at Nationals and being presented medal by Nancy Green

Worst Moment in Skiing:  blowing out and missing gates at a race

Person You Look Up To Most  in Sport:   Everyone

On Your IPOD:  Beatles, Dragonette, ABBA, ACDC, BTO

Favourite Movie:  Gone with the Wind

My Story

I have cerebral palsy which affects my mobility.  I have been involved in the disabled community in Ontario through Easter Seals and Para-sport activities.  I was the Easter Seals Ambassador in 2002.  I discovered disabled sports when I was ten and have been skiing with outriggers ever since.  I was skiing with the Track III program when I was recruited to the AOPRT.  I have competed and medaled at the Provincial and National level.  I graduated from Queens University with a degree in History and am now working at RBC.  I can ski better than I can walk.  Because of this…I love the freedom of skiing and being part of a team with a great group of people.


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